Dear Customer, after creating the application you can pay the required fees within 3 days, otherwise you have to create new application.....

Dear customer, please note that you will need to update your password soon to match our new password policy rules. Please click here. to view the password policy rules.

Announcement: To all companies (Government- Semi Government – Private) to register in Fawri service (the online system) immediately.
Manual submission of applications at the counters will soon be rejected.

Based on decree number 377 for 2014, all types of visas, entry permits and residence permits are allowed to change status inside the country.

Please do not print applications for Outside Country-More Than 6 months before obtaining initial approval by the General Manager or his Deputy, taking into consideration the exempted categories do not need entry permit as they are requested to submit their documents in the entry port upon arrival

Please Notify Sponsored of the importance of contacting the embassy for the fingerprint for certain nationalities (Kenya, Indonesia, Sri Lanka) where Applications are forwarded to Embassies

All Establishments are required to submit the applications of Cancel Residence and the applications of (Entry Permit – New Residence – Renew Residence) for Investor or Partner through, Please note that that services will be stopped on eServices

Please note that the services of Entry Permits of the assistance categories have been suspended from the eServices Portal for the Emirate of Umm Al Quwain.
These applications should be submitted through the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation

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